Some Tips to Create Your Own Story Art App

Some Tips to Create Your Own Story Art App

Story art apps can provide your app with a unique look. This look will create the feeling of “being there” and let you have more fun designing your app. Here are a few examples to get you started:


Your story art app should have a beginning, middle and an end. In a simple story, the beginning usually starts with a bang and the ending is quiet. In a fairy tale, the middle is a little bit more action-filled and the end may be quieter as well. You will want to create an environment in which the reader will want to come back and continue the story.


where to start when it comes to writing a story app

You will need to know how to write a story art app. Many people who are new to the iPhone do not know where to start when it comes to writing a story app, so here are some things to consider:


Characters – You can’t just put characters into a story and expect them to act like you want them to. It’s important that they actually feel and act like people. You should try to show their emotions and thoughts as well as showing you thought process and emotions as you create your story.


Most Important Settings

Setting – The setting of a story can be the most important part. You should set the scene in a way that helps the reader understand how and why the story is occurring. You can take a look at the actual plot line and the scenes in the story to get a better idea of how your story will go.


Theme – Another important element in creating an app that people will love is the theme. You can use many different themes for your story and you should make sure that they are based on different aspects of the story. You can choose to have a love story, a murder mystery or even a funny story where two kids have to solve a mystery.


Action – Most of the time, you have to provide the actions for the characters of your story. This may involve running away from monsters or trying to escape from a person who wants to kill you. You can give the character a series of tasks and if you do not tell them what to do, they will just randomly run around doing nothing until something happens.

when you create a story art app

Finally, when you create a story art app, you need to make sure that the graphics are top notch. because it’s important for the audience to see your story as it was meant to be seen. A well designed story can help you gain more fans and keep them interested in your app, so make sure to take a look at these tips to help you create the best story app possible.


Create the Characters – The first thing that you need to do when creating your story is to create the characters. This will include giving the main character a name, creating the antagonists and giving an introduction to them. After you have created these characters, it’s time to give them a reason to act in the story.


Create Your Own Story

Create Your Own Story

Show Your Story – After you have given them a reason to act, it’s time to give your reader a reason to read your story. Try to think about the action that can happen next or what the reader would like to see happen. this will give you ideas on what to do to keep the story going.


Tell the Story – Now that you have the characters, it’s time to tell the story. you should not worry too much about the flow of the story but rather the actual events that occur. in the story.


Make sure to always focus on the plot of the story instead of the flow of it so that the reader does not get bored with the story. By using all of these simple things, you can create an app that will make readers stay on your story’s page.

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