Unbelievable Facts About Traffic Racer Review In Hindi

A lot of people asked me about the traffic racer game, tell some good unbelievable facts and also tell about some good features, special thing within this game is tell us and my thoughts towards this game is tell me. I will answer all the questions for you today in today’s article, this entire article will be explained to you by the review of this game. Before starting this article, know some important information of this game.


So let’s tell you who is the publisher of this game, “Soner Kara”, this is the publisher of this game who made this game above window phone, iOS, Android.


This is also one of the games coming in big big racing games, so let’s understand the heading wise you will first know about this entire game, you have done Traffic Racer, after that the questions are asked in its features and last


What Is Traffic Racer Game In Hindi Explain?

This is a racing game in which you race with your car on the highway, there are many more vehicles on the highway, between which you have to complete your milestone while saving your car, this is the story of this game. What is done after that, Baba? Then after that while you are racing to complete your milestone, during that time you also get a chance to collect coins from which you can earn by collecting coins within the game.


Then with the money earned, you can purchase new cars within the game, upgrade your car such as engine and other things like tyers, the game is considered very interested, it is liked by many people and it is an entertainment This is one of the games, it gives you a chance to creativites


GamePlay Traffic Racer In Hindi 

Talking about the game play is very easy to understand this game because there is not so much high tech control inside it, to control the game inside the interface from simple, you get an acclerator in the right side when you play the game in the front. There are brakes in the bottom on the left side, which are used to control the car, then you will also see indicators on of the controler in the right and left side.


Very Useful Tips About Traffic Racer Game

To complete the miletstone and score higher, you have to play this game in a very good way. This means that when you are playing the game, the cars you have inside this highway traffic racer game are quite More drift dies, so you have to walk to Gaya according to the right way, so that your level is also completed and to increase the score, you can balance the car so that you are driving the vehicle on the highway. Within then you will read race to control the vehicle and leave it means that by increasing the speed, then by controlling a little, then by increasing the speed then your level will be clear and your score will also increase, then this will be the first tips or read the second tips Take it


If you want to earn more coins then you have to drive a smartly big car.In this game, you are running on the highway to earn more coins and all other trains slow down your car at a speed of 100KMH. Let’s get out of the close by which in this game you earn coins on the basis of a bonus, so this will be the second tips and now let’s talk about the third tips


Now if you want to earn extra coin within this game, then to increase the score extra, then you have to play your car by driving in the opposite direction on the highway inside this game, then you will earn some extra coins and money within this game.


The Ultimate Features On This Game

1. graphics की बात करे तो बहुत गजब के मस्त है आपको 3D stunning graphics इसके अंदर मिलते है इस गेम में

2. गेम खेलते वक्त आपको इसके अंदर एक दम releastic feel होगा और car handaling भी बहुत अच्छा है इसके अंदर

3. आपको इसके अंदर 40+ ultimate cars भी मिलजाते है जोकि एक अच्छी बात है की आप नई नई cars के साथ इसका मजा उठा सकते है

4. और इसके अंदर 5 अलग अलग environment दिए गए है जोकि एक अच्छा feel करवाता है और आपके गेमिंग experience को भी बहुत अच्छा और बहेतर बनता है “suburb”, “desert”, “snowy”, “rainy” and “city night” ये सभी environment दिया गए इसके अंदर

5. 5 तरह के गेम modes दिया गए है इसके अंदर चलिए जानते है किया किया है Two Way, and Free Ride Endless, Time Trial, Police Chase यह सभी इस गेम के अंदर modes दिए गए है

6. अब इस गेम के अंदर जब आप अपनी गाड़ी को चला रहे होते है तब आपको किस किस तरह की गाड़ियों का traffic देखने को मिलता है trucks buses and “SUV”

7. customization की बात करते है अब तो आपको में बता दू की इसके अंदर काफी basic custimization आप लोग कर सकते है sirf paint और wheel change करने या customized कर सकते है सिर्फ

8. online leadboard और score को save यह तो share भी कर सकते है अपने दोस्तों को  

9. तो भाई ये थे इस game के कुछ amazing और ultimate features जिसका जीकर मेने अभी आपके साथ करदिया है 


Unbelievable Facts About Traffic Racer Game 

Unbelievable, this thing is inside it, or to say the fact that within this game you get 3D graphic effects. Inside you get 40+ cars, which you can use to enjoy it and pass your booring time, it is a very relastic type feel when you play it very easily.

So let me share my experience with you, I have my thoughts about this game, let’s know


My Thoughts About Traffic Racer Game Review

My Thoughts About Traffic Racer Game Review

I personally liked the game but I did not like some of the things that they have done, keep reading to go, brother, I have enjoyed all the features within this game and I have taken good advantage of it and played it quite well. The puzzle thing I liked inside it is the 3d graphic, then the milestone and then inside it I liked the cars, I get a lot of unlocked. The only thing that can be custmized is paint and wheels. This is my personal review. In this article you have got to be done. Read carefully to get revived once.



In today’s article, you got to read about the traffic racer game, by giving a full review of this game, you have explained about this game, some of its best features have told you, I have shared the gameplay with you, 3 very usefull tips have given this I have shared facts about the game and in the last article of this game, I have also shared my personal thoughts with you, so this was an article written on your demand, do not forget to comment what you liked best in this article

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