The OnePlus Nord December Security Patches in Latest Update

The OnePlus Nord is one of the most sought after handsets on the Android ecosystem. With its cutting-edge specifications, it has created a buzz among people looking for a smart phone that is affordable and packed with high performance features. Despite being the latest in mobile technology, many people are having second thoughts about buying the handset because of its manufacturer, OnePlus. In order to put your fears to rest, the company has just released its new Oxygen OS 3.5, which includes the latest security patches that have been incorporated in this operating system.


OnePlus Nord Number Of Security Flaws

Security issues have been a big issue surrounding the use of smartphones like the OnePlus. These devices have seen a number of security flaws that could affect the user’s security and privacy. Before the release of the Oxygen OS 3.5, which includes the most recent patches, the security patches for the operating system were already available for the older version of the OS.


OOS 3.5 is the latest operating system that can be used on the OnePlus. It is also compatible with almost all the smartphone operating systems. Earlier versions of this operating system did not have support for some of the most modern smartphone technologies out there. However, OOS has finally addressed most of these issues. The smartphone now has complete access to thousands of apps and

Oxygen OS

Security is also an issue that has plagued the product. Earlier, the Oxygen OS had some flaws that allowed hackers to gain access to user’s data. This flaw was later fixed in the latest update, which provided an added boost to the device’s security. However, the Oxygen OS 3.5 still faced some issues, and one of them is the boot loop. This can occur when the device is powered off, and it can only be repaired using the unlocking method.


Other than this, the security issue with the Oxygen OS 3.5 was also caused by the lack of updates. Users faced the problem of getting the system if they were not rooted. This could not be done, and so, the device was banned in many countries. The manufacturer, though, fixed the issue and released an update for the existing devices which solved the same. However, users were still not able to get access to the latest operating system because of the ban.


OnePlus Nord Face A problem Alarm And Reboot

Another security-related issue that the OnePlus Nord faced was from a false alarm. When the device was rebooted after downloading the update, it showed different settings and showed that the device had been infected with a virus. This caused confusion among the users, especially considering that the smartphone was being sold at very affordable rates.


The company addressed the same by releasing an official statement on its official blog. The post mentioned several measures that will be taken by the company to prevent the same thing from happening again. Apart from the steps already mentioned, the company promised to conduct an in depth study of the network latency to identify areas where packets drop off. It also addressed various issues related to the boot load of the device. All these measures will be taken in order to ensure that the network latency will be minimized and therefore the network performance will be enhanced.


Oseton Nord is a smartphone that has a rich user community. This was further enhanced when it was launched with the OxygenOS 3.5 which has many features that are very much useful for the regular user. However, it did face several security issues in the past. The updates provided by the manufacturer will hopefully put an end to these issues. The device will become more secure as it gets updates regularly from the manufacture.

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