New Upcoming Game Resident Evil Village 2021

New Upcoming Game Resident Evil Village 2021

Resident Evil Village is a new survival horror game designed and developed by Capcom. It’s the fifth major entry in the Resident Evil franchise, and the sequel to the popular Resident Evil 7: biohazard.


The game takes place at the same time as Resident Evil 7, but the game is set before the events of that game. It’s also set during the time frame when the events of the first game took place.

alternate version of Raccoon City

The story takes place in an alternate version of Raccoon City, which is overrun with zombies and monsters after a virus breaks out in the city. As you play through the game, you’ll find yourself defending the local residents from these terrifying creatures as well as a number of new, horrifying characters.


You’ll start the game as Chris Redfield, who is working for the local police force in New York. He gets a mysterious phone call that turns out to be from Jill Valentine, a member of Umbrella Corporation. They discuss the latest news regarding a new virus outbreak and ask for help from Chris to stop it.

Chris is stationed in a warehouse

Chris is stationed in a warehouse

At the beginning of the game, Chris is stationed in a warehouse with a number of other members of his team. They are tasked to protect a number of residents of the village, while they search for clues about the whereabouts of a missing girl.


When you begin your adventure, you’ll be sent to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a group of kids who were staying at the Villa. The villa itself is occupied by an evil organization known as Armas. Chris must fight through hordes of Armas, as well as a number of zombies and monsters to save the children.


You’ll find a number of items and weapons on the Villa, including items such as pistols and swords, but you won’t be equipped to fight on your own. You need to gain access to guns to battle your enemies, as well as other equipment like vehicles and tools.

gameplay in this Resident Evil game

A major part of the gameplay in this Resident Evil game is the exploration of the different locations throughout the villa. You’ll also find plenty of mini-games, puzzles, shooting gallery, and action games. that add a lot to the enjoyment of playing the game.


If you go to the Town Hall in the Villa, you’ll find that the residents are already on the verge of fighting Armas when you enter the building. By playing the puzzle game, you can find out how to open the drawers of the cabinet that contains information about the latest outbreak.


You can find out what Chris has to say about the latest developments by playing the mini-game, called “Chris Redfield.” You need to make use of the Wii remote and nunchuck to solve the puzzle that will reveal the truth.

meet up with Claire Redfield

In another part of the building, you’ll find yourself in a room where you’ll meet up with Claire Redfield, who is looking for a way out of the villa. You’re told to go out of the room and find a radio tower that is protected by the Armas.


Once you reach the top, you’ll have to use the radio tower to communicate with Chris Redfield in order to give him information about what he needs to know. While doing this, you’ll also have to deal with the zombies and monsters that are attacking the villa.


There are also some other objectives to complete in the evil village game, but these are only a few of the things that you may want to complete. as well as the game comes out with several other missions that will help you further your adventure in the game. If you’ve never played the Resident Evil games before, then this might sound like a really enjoyable experience.

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