Nichi Pro App Review With My Personal Experience

Many people have told me about a new amazing Collage Maker Editor in demand, so today’s article is being written on the demand of the people, so today I am going to share information about the nichi premium app in the article. You will first be explained that nichi has been done, its features, how to use it, many people had questions that will also be cleared and will give your personal honest review with you in the last.


By the way, on reading its name, it seems that it is Japanese WORD

By the way, it is also very popular, there are also many users who use many good looking features to read about the features given, read carefully.


What Is Nichi Collage Maker Editor?

This is a Collage Maker, that means that you can create a very good collage of all your photos, through this app, you can create collage for instagram stories and whatsapp status. There are a lot of collage shapes that can be used in free, it is not that the premium is completely free, because it is completely free because in this you get to use some features for free and some You have to subscribe to this paid monthly yearly


Its yearly subscription is 11.99 dollar and the monthly subscription is 1.49 dollar so that it unlocks all the templates and layout and all the effects and filters.

Now you guys will be excited that to go about its featrues, so I am going to tell you about its features now then do some questions which are asked a lot.


What Is Features Nichi Premium App

There is a plethora of features, inside it, you will be happy to know that when you open the app about the features in starting, then you will see that you have to sign up after that, then you will see a box of features.


1. The most intriguing thing is that stickers are available in it, which you can use to make your photo in collage and you can post stories on insta by making a good photo and tell me that you get some basic stickers in it. Then as you scroll down, you will get to see some stickers are free and some are paid

2. Now tell about filters, you also get some free unlocked and some paid, if you talk about the total of filters, then at least 100 is in it.


3. So let’s talk about fonts, a lot of fonts have been included, there is a good thing inside it that a lot of fonts of all the languages ​​have been given in it. All these languages ​​are Chinese Traditional, English, Japanese, Korean The fonts given in the language are given, this is also very good thing

4. Many color background and many new and classic look gradients, “golden”, watercolor, glitter are given with it.


5. Multiple templates are available which you can use very easily, with that you get some free layout, to which a large extent

can make collage


6. So this will be done, brothers, by living with the premium features of the nichi app, now I tell you some important information.


People Also Ask A Question What Is Nichi App Is Free?

People Also Ask A Question What Is Nichi App Is Free

Friends, this is a very confusing question, but I will answer it in a right way so that you will be clear about it, doubts are there that we can not call this app completely free, now we will ask because its The answer is that when you use it, then you will get to see that there is a lot of option background, gradients, filter free and there is something that is locked with it, that means if you filter that If you have to use background, then you have to take a subscription pack for that.


Nichi App With My Personal Experience

In this, if I can tell my personal experience, then I got a lot of things right in it and there was a lot of irritae in many things, go on reading all the


So, I will tell you about a true fact and in this way you will understand correctly the useless facts.


1. The best thing is that you can make collage photo of any types in it and I make collage nichi for many of your insta stories post.

2. One thing I do not like is that using it within the starting days was very complicated for me.

3. A good thing has been given in many features free too, which I know to a great extent by editing it.

4. One thing is also wrong that a lot of unrelevant ads come when using nichi free.

5. Its a good thing I also felt that its new updates keep coming and it also takes very less storage space.

6. One last bad thing I found is that any fonts in this template, this filter, it has to use the background, then it starts downloading it first and during that it is read to wait a bit, which wastes a little time. is



So once you notice that I have done in this article, that you should remember everything quickly, in this article you have nichi told about it, after that I have also told you about some good features. And have told about a question which is asked a lot and in the last, as I told you that I will give my honest review, I have shared this app, so with this we end this article again. Thank you so much in another new interested article.

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