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The Cleveland Browns has a big decision to make as they prepare for the NFL season. Are they going to keep their most successful player, depth corner, and franchise player, Joe Haden? Or move on from the guy who made them so successful. It would seem that the answer is yes. Let’s see what Cleveland has to do to replace him.


As the Cleveland Browns prepares for their move to L.A. in the spring of 2020, they will need to decide whether or not to bring back their most valuable contributor, Joe Haden. The bright spot in his game last year was his eight interceptions, which ranked tied for the team lead. Cleveland fans can only hope that he will be back in the fold in time for the end of the NFL season. Otherwise, it could be another story to write about as Cleveland prepares for the draft and the potential trades.


If the Browns decide to bring back Joe Haden, they will likely be faced with the question of whether or not to retain their other offensive pieces. Right tackle, center, and wide receiver, along with their first round draft pick, might be enough to move the Cleveland Browns into a wildcard position. Even though the thought of moving Haden is very scary for Cleveland fans, they have to consider how much worse their cap situation is without him. They have to figure out if they can afford to keep him or cut bait and move him before the 2020 season starts. Fortunately, there is a very good argument that it is perfectly okay to retain the three aforementioned stars while trading down to the middle of the draft.


There are several different trade scenarios that can be examined in order to determine which players would fit in this scenario. For one, if the Browns keep their current starters and one of their two young guns, they will have the ability to quickly rebuild their offense. Two, if one of the stars is moved (whether they go or not), then the other star (if he is still on the team) would benefit greatly. Even if he was moved to a different team, he would still have quality NFL caliber players around him. This scenario would leave Cleveland with two quality passers in their star studs, but no offensive line depth.


Cleveland has been linked to various different offensive schemes throughout the draft process so far. They would be fine changing to a power scheme if they feel like it would improve their chances of winning. However, that doesn’t mean that they would simply move one of their two stars and hope that they would automatically generate some positive results. It just means that they should evaluate the value of their current players and see if it is worth it to keep them. The same goes if they would like to move their young guns into the starting lineup, and if their other young guns are better than what they currently are.


If the newly crowned Super Bowl champs win their second straight year in a row, expect huge changes in Cleveland. Their new found money could buy some new players for the club including a tight end or two. Also, it would mean a major overhaul in the way the team plays their style of football. Their playbook would need a complete overhaul. But, that won’t be the only place that changes will come to the club.


The offense has been proven to score points, but they have also been found to give up a lot of points. It will be interesting to watch what happens if they decide to stick with the same two tight ends that they have had since 2020. Also, one of the big question marks revolves around the running game. How well do the youngsters, like Kenyan Jefferson, and hopefully Dewayne Bowe can develop chemistry with one another. Also, if rookie sensations Tyreek Johnson and Braxton Reeves can make the same impact as Le’Veon Bell?


One big name that has been making the rounds of trade rumors is that of tight end Eric Ebron. Some think he is already too old to be a top tight end in Cleveland. Others believe he will develop into a quality blocker and receiver down the line in his NFL career. The one thing we do know is that the expectations are high for this kid. He has impressed the scouts with his skills and his performance during the combine. If he does not turn into the player that John Elway wants him to be during his prime, it will still be exciting to follow his career in Clevelan

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