Hot Air Balloon Offline Mini-Aame

Hot Air Balloon trivia will prove to be a great challenge for you as you go through the various steps and stages of its development. The game starts with you looking at the sky and seeing an enormous cloud formation moving rapidly towards your location. When the balloon lands on your location you will be tasked to launch it and hit the bull’s eye. There are seven levels in total and they get progressively harder to complete as you move up the ladder. Here is a review of Hot Air Balloon offline mini-game that was just released a few weeks ago:

Just Released A Few Weeks Ago

Hot Air Balloon is one of ten new android games that were just released a few weeks ago. It is a stunt driving game where you must take control of a balloon and hit the bull’s eye within a certain timeframe. The controls are simple and intuitive and there is a helpful arrow that guides you as you move through the level. As you progress through the various stages you will find yourself unlocking new balloons and vehicles which can help you progress even faster.


Hot Air Balloon is the brainchild of Scandinavian developers who worked as a team on the successful Need for Speed franchise. A couple of years ago, Swedish developer Carlean Software sold its exclusive title Need for Speed to Microsoft, but it soon afterwards faded into the abyss. However, after the success of Need for Speed on mobile devices, the gaming giant tapped the developers again to create Hot Air Balloon. With the massive success of the first game, developers Carlean and Nitrous Games went back to the drawing board and redesigned Hot Air Balloon. The end result was a completely new game that has all the hallmarks of the best modern flash games. Here is a quick rundown of Hot Air Balloon’s progression from its humble beginning on itch to itch and from there to t-mobile and beyond.

First Chapter In The Game

Hot Air Balloon’s story begins at the conclusion of the first chapter in the game: Hot Air Balloon Attack. You take control of both the balloons themselves as well as the army of jets that defend them from the ever increasing numbers of bullets fired upon them. Throughout the course of the ten new android games there are a total of eleven different levels to complete. I’m sure you’ll agree, the difficulty spikes really start to ramp up once you begin to tackle the final two stages.


What makes Hot Air Balloon stands out from other similar games is the fact that you have the opportunity to buy more balloons, buy vehicles, and collect more money while you defend the balloons. The graphics are pretty great and while they might not blow you away like some of the best games out there, the action is quite engaging and entertaining. The ten-star rating is there for a reason, though. If you enjoy the best android games to be played on your new phone or tablet, then you definitely need to pick Hot Air Balloon for your list of the best android games to download for your device today.


In order to get the full enjoyment of Hot Air Balloon you are going to have to learn how to shoot the right time and avoid being shot from the air as your airplane flies through the jungle. As you progress through the levels, the controls will become progressively more difficult, forcing you to increase your skills. Although Hot Air Balloon is one of my favorite games for tablets, I wouldn’t recommend it as a Christmas gift this year. It’s best to save it for the summer months when you can always use some of these entertaining and relaxing games. December to April seems like a pretty long stretch to be spending all of your free time playing shoot ’em ups, but you should make the most of the holiday season and get yourself a couple of good apps to play on your new mobile device.

Those Individuals Who Love Playing These Types Of Games

If you’re one of those individuals who love playing these types of games but don’t have any time because you have other responsibilities to take care of, then maybe you should check out Hot Air Balloon Offline Mini-Game Easter egg. Easter is right around the corner and those who want to spend some quality time with their kids are probably already planning what gift they’re going to get their kids before they go. A great gift idea that can help you to spend more quality time with your kids this coming holiday season is an online airplane game called Hot Air Balloon. You are going to need to download this app to your new mobile device so you can play it on a computer or tablet while you are at work or playing outside in the yard.


If you’re thinking about getting this cool new game, then you’re probably wondering where you can find it. Well, it is available for download from the Google play store. All you have to do is search for it, and it should pop up right next to the search bar at the top of the page. You should also be able to find it in the white or black versions. So if you’re a Google user, and if you have a Google play app, chances are that you will be able to find this neat little game as well. You can also connect your t-mobile android phone to your computer with the USB cable or download the Chrome os app and use your phone to play the game instead.

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