Funimate Video Editor | Best Trending Video Clip Effect App 2020

Hello friends like I am sharing information and features about many photo editing apps and video editing apps, you are constantly getting one to read such powerful articles, so today another new video I am sharing information about the editor, which is one of the most trending apps, yes heard right, its funimate editor gives video clip effects.


So in today’s article, it will be told that its features are done, for what purpose it is used, then before this, some important information is known to be a craze of all people nowadays to post status, as you said. But have gone to visit, they celebrate their own, then post their status on different, different social media paltform such as facebook and whatsapp, then this app gives you a feature that you can make your best status video The use of funimate editor is for this purpose.


In this, you get many different types of effects, multiples of editing mode and you get all the facility, I will tell you in this article now, so far you have come to know that it is funimate? Now know that you get the features that are available in it, I would like to tell you one thing to use that it is in both pro and free types. Goes

Types Of Features Funimate 

Types ऑफ़ फीचर्स Funimate 

There are a lot of good features inside it and not only that there are quite amazing things too, let’s know one by one, the first is that this app is like instagram and mx takatak when you login, then to see the short video clip in the front. You will get the icon of plus, inside it, you can make your own short video and use it like social media was like tiktok, now you know the starting of this app, then a plus icon will be clicked on it. 3 option will be seen 1. select template 2. shoot a video 3. edit video Now let’s understand about these three in detail.


1. Select Template

This option has pro templates which are with different effects but not all templates are pro, there is some template that is free to use.


2. Shoot A Video

It must be known by the name itself, in this, you can make a video like status by applying music in the background in a simple video clip like music, music is also the default of funimate and you can also use it from your music library. Like and talk about video shoot features, you can make videos in slow motion, fast, normal, lapse mode.


3. Edit Video

This option is of lotus because there are many good things inside it, let’s know. In the first, you will see the animation when you click SP, then some options will open in front of you, by adjusting which you can convert the video into an animate.


Now you get the option of effects mixer, which is very special, this app will use this option when you click on it, then you will get a lot of good motions effects and glitch, color, scary and many different effects in it. is the mixer


Now you will see the option filter. There are many new new types of filters in it, some are free and pro. After this there is a color option, so there is no need to tell much about it, this simple photo gives a next level look by changing the color effects in the video.


Now the option of blend means features which gives you some blurr sades fade shades, this is the same thing. Fade the color of any video from the top side to darken the color from the bottom to the right side. After fade, feature of crop is available.


So this would have been done by knowing about the features inside it, now we have done the features, there is a question in this, which is being asked too much, know its answer.


What funimate app TikTok 


So the answer is that it is very much like tiktok but an extra thing is given in the funimate that within this you get video effects editing animation video creating and adding gltich effects in the photo, all these features are found in it, so understand There must have been a difference between the two.


funimate Good or Bad

The answer to this question is simple, friends, you can decide according to your requirement that it is right for you. If you tell me your personal base experience, then there is no problem in using it. It is a good video editor maker. It has a lot of good features plus effects and it is a kind of social media platform by which you can make your profile famous and popular, I would like to tell you an interesting thing that currently 10 million users are using Funimate. So you can see how many people are using it. So as it is a social media video editor, you can get a good opportunity from it, if you want to make your career a creator, if you want to become a video editing creator then it is very good for you funimate


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