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Today once again the article is being given to you on a wonderful app, in this whole article, you will be given some important information about the fotogenic app. If you do not know about this app, then by reading the title, you must have got some idea. If you do not have any idea, then read the article to go, it is going to be very interesting.


You do not know how many features have been given inside it, within this article you will be explained all its features, even in Hindi and I have also used it personally, so in a way I am sharing my personal experience.


By the way, you will find a lot of Retouch Editor apps on the playstore, but I am telling you about this app because it has a lot of features unlocked free, which is the facility that is free and you will get it.


Before this, let me tell you about it and before that, by giving you a quick preview, I tried to explain that what will be heading, what will you get to read about this, first of all within this app if you Do not know about the app, then you will know that Fotogenic is done? Are the features done inside it? The information of this entire app will be explained and then it will be told that it is free? Then you will also be given answers to some important questions, then you will get to read them all.


You guys are excited to go about this, so let’s start from Survat to Last


किया है Fotogenic Face Body Retouch Editor App?

This is a photo editing app, in this you can give new retouch to your good photos, you can make attractive pics editing, that too includes very high levels editing facility inside it, which makes it possible to do all these features even more than you think to use. If it is easy, do not take tension to use, if there is any problem then I will guide you the way to use it below, you will understand correctly, this app makes easy photography journey for beginners in their starting phase


Tell Me About? How To Use Fotogenic Editor

The first thing to do is to install, after that the process is carefully read in the beginning you will get the option to click the picture from the camera, then select the pic from the gallery and the next point is when you select the pic then to see the quick menu action button in the bottom. You will get to see a lot of features by tabbing on it, one is not two, it is 50+, then close the quick menu, then in the bottom you will get the options of “tools” “Beauty” “color” “paint” “texture” By clicking on one of these options, you get a chance to use the good option inside and you can use it in your photo edit.


Understand that these options have all the good features which you will now get to read in deatil, but within these options you get some pro and some free features, now I have told you how to use it. One thing about its amazing features will be noted that you will be told about a lot of features right now, even if you read it carefully with an explaintion in Hindi.

Lots Of More Awesome Features You Can Learn From Fotogenic

Lots Of Awesome Features You Can Learn From Fotogenic

“Tools” “Beauty” “Color” “Paint” “texture” These 5 options are in them, they have amazing features so I can explain the features inside them by making the 5 option heading wise.


1. “Tools Key Features Are Include”           

There is a total of 11 option in this option, do not panic, there is still 4 option, this app is less than friends

1. “font text” can give effect by writing some importants words inside a good good looking memorable photo but it comes in feature pro

2. “Speech Bubble” special and cool thing, it is absolutely free, you can edit the text inside the pic, but in a funny way, bubble is a sticker of balloons types, inside which text can also use lots of fonts. You can also color bubble

3. It is also convenient to put “caption” in it, you can add caption of your choice and this feature is absolutely free.

4. The “Stretch” is given by this, the pic can also be Stretch the photo in horigental or vertical shape and it is absolutely free.

5. “Slimmer” This is also the best feature used in pic editing, its work is it helps to lean any type of pic, it is also a very good option in editing but this feature inside pro is

6. noramally crop has been free

7. “Perspective” is given this very amazing thing, inside it, its function is that it pulls the image up and creates a new look.

8. A simple rotate is given which moves up to 90 degrees.

9. “Mosaic” This has the advantage that you can easily hide any unwanted parts in the image.

So I have told you about all the features that were within just one option, now know about the next option.


2. “Beauty key Feature”

1. The feature of smooth for black and flame quality is given, there is an option of setting inside it, using which you can increase the brush size, you can also increase the hardness and reduce the capacity.

2. “Whiten” is also found, it helps to whiten your teeth, which makes the photo good and beautyfull edit.

3. “Detail” This is very important point. Its advantage is that any important word or any blurr makes the pics in clarity.

4. “Makeup” I thought it was the best, I have used it quite a lot, with the help of this we can give beauty touch on the face, can give color effect in eyes and can also edit retouch on lip.

5. “Bodybuilding” I have also used it quite a lot on photo editing time, prepares any slim body photo in a shape like bodybuilder easily in 1 click but it comes in pro.

6. “Tattoo” is also very cool thing. It also has its own good effects. While editing the pics, you can attach any symbol or any sticker to the Tattoo in the body.

7. “Defocus” is also quite an amazing part, in this it happens that there will be 2 dots on which part will be kept, then it will be blurr overall and only the dot will be where only the part will focus. When you are doing photo editing according to your defocus, then whichever part you feel is useless, you can help with it.


3. “Color key Feature”

1. Listen to the “Color Splash” amazing add-on feature that works like this: Carefully its job is to change the color of any background photo.

2. Level it works like some brithness, can do more work

3. Vibrance is also simple its work is to change the photo to saturat color.

4. Color Replacement is seen differently, brother, inside the photo, if something assumes that a car is in black color, then with the help of it you can change it to the color blue blue that you select.

5. Filters – There are 5 differents categories filters and 100+ color filters are available but pro

6. Red Eyes – Sometimes it happens that it has happened to you that when clicking the pic, the red color refelect in our eyes, then it can be fixed with the help of this feature.

7. Lighting has been given, I have also used it a lot more personal. With this it is possible to effect any environment with the help of lighting.

8. Channel Mixer – Although it is not such a special feature, but it happens that editing in a mixture of 4, 5, color can be done.

9. Brightness and Contrast – This is also seen to be very amazing, the light area can be converted into dark and the dark area can be converted into light.


3. “Paint Key Features”

1. Signature is a digital feature

2. Normal paint brush is

3. Funny brush is very good use of it by applying the photo on edit mode, using it you can design some funny pictures inside the pics but it is pro

4. You can also change the weather by using the weather, you can add cloud raining drops

5. Glow Line is this simple little liner type brush is just “sparkle”, “Fire”, “lamp” Glow Line

6. Seagull – Another lotus feature is available in it, you can add graphics of birds which looks quite realastic to a great extent.

7. Flare – It has a very different lotus magic sparkling can be done by editing


5. “Texture Key Features”

1. Mixer – With its help, you can add and edit two photos at once.

2. Gradient – Gradients can be found in many different colors.

3. Lens Flare – Lens of many lp variants

4. Light Leaks – 30+ LL is given, it means as if a pic has a reflection of bright lights in its background.

5. Grunge – Its function is also to show different types of image in the background.

6. Vignette – It is done, Saeed, you will know that if you do not know, then I would like to tell that use of it as if there is an image, a color shadow comes in its allover corners.

7. Doodle – It looks like a sticker but we cannot say it as a full sticker. Let us understand that stickers like liner have an image.

8. Mask – This means that there are shapes in many different shapes inside the photo, its user is used either to show only the face, to show any main specific thing.

9. Frames & Borders – There are about 40+ good new new design borders and there are same number of frames.


So friends, this has been done within this entire app, I have shared it with you in details, now know the answers to some important questions.


This Is Why Fotogenic Is So Famous & Popular?

The answer is very simple, it is so famous because it has a full repository of features inside it, it does not have all the features that are inside an editing app, but includes many more things than that.


Fotogenic Editor From My Personal Experience

If I tell my experience, I really like this app very much, now if you ask the reason, then let me tell you that I like editing apps with extra features, which is possible inside it, there are more things in it than expected, so this is one of the reasons why I I like it a lot and I personally use it a lot


Is Fotogenic Face Body Retouch Free?

No, the answer is no, because it is not completely free because it also has some feature free, so for some, if you have to subscribe to it, then in a way it cannot be said to be completely free, you can use limited things At once



Today, I have shared with you information about a popular photo retouch editor app, from all the app features and have given answers to all the questions that were asked, this was our aajka article, we learned new today and inside this app What is the best feature you have, let us know.

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